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Handmade With Love

We love our customers!

"Smell of the sea!!! I was very impressed by the quality and the shipment. Great sea moss! I can't find this quality in Los Angeles." 

Ehvah Lopez

We love our customers!

" love the Seamoss Gel. Energy levels are up. Make sure to keep a good eating habit. Product was delivered quickly and she's very nice. "


We love our customers!

" my Fresh made Sea Moss Gel arrived on time and in great shape. It even came in a lunchbox to keep it cool for shipment. The Sea Moss is amazing as well. I am so appreciative of 92MNRLS and their business. You have a nee loyal customer. "

Ashleigh Jones

We love our customers!

It was awesome! I gave some to my friend because her son has a lot of mucus in his body and it worked. " ... " I'm going to order some more from you when I get back from cali. I'm so glad I found you. "

Miss Simmons

92MNRLS° Raw, Wild, Chondrus Crispus Sea Moss Gel. Some people say it's the greatest thing on earth! "

Welcome to 92MNRLS! We're happy that you're here. 

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You can use our 92MNRLS Sea Moss Gel in your favorite cooking or dessert recipes. For example; add 1 tablespoon of 92MNRLS to your favorite smoothie recipe for an added boost of Minerals and Energy. You can also make an Amazing Alkaline Vegan sweet and spicy sauce: 

1cup of Agave 

1 teaspoon of 92MNRLS Sea Moss Gel 

Scotch bonnet pepper 

4 dashes of cayenne pepper 

4 dashes of ginger 

A dash of sea salt 

Use as much scotch bonnet pepper as you'd like and grate it. Put ingredients in a bowl and mix well( until gel is fully dissolved). Pour mixture over mushrooms before baking, add to stir fry vegetables or use as a dipping sauce. 

We produce an amazing product which we stand on based by based off of personal experiences and results. Our Raw Irish Sea Moss Gel, made from certified organic and Non GMO flakes , has aided our family with shrinking fibroids, anemia, eczema, and also raised our Vitamin D and Calcium levels to normalcy. Just one tablespoon of this Gel is packed with 92 essential minerals that our bodies need. Whether you're a fetus or a 99 yr old, our product Will Be extremely beneficial to your health and well being. 

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We only make Natural Products that we know are Alkaline Cell Food. This is because everyone needs Cell Food! And Raw Minerals are just that! We don't boil the nutrients out of our Chondrus Crispus Irish Moss Gel. We super clean it, then simply soak it in Spring Water and blend it to perfection! We have a reoccurring customer base that loves our Unique product, and we plan to continue to uphold our standards and quality of our Amazing 92MNRLS Irish Sea Moss Gel, Capsules etc.