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12-24 Week Fibroid Healing Coaching Program

12-24 Week Fibroid Healing Coaching Program

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12-Week Fibroid Healing Coaching Program


This program is designed to help women shrink their fibroids through a holistic approach focused on diet and lifestyle changes. The program includes transitioning to an alkaline vegan diet, periodic fasting, and consistent support through personal consultations and group calls.

Week-by-Week Plan

Weeks 1-4: Transition to Alkaline Vegan Diet

Goal: Transition from acidic foods to alkaline vegan foods.

  • Weekly Focus:

    • Week 1: Introduction to Alkaline Diet
    • Week 2: Eliminating Acidic Foods
    • Week 3: Incorporating Alkaline Foods
    • Week 4: Alkaline Meal Planning
  • Shopping List:

    • Use Dr. Sebi's Nutritional Guide
    • Examples: Garbanzo beans, spelt bread, cold-pressed coconut oil, avocado, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, and seeds.
  • Sample Meal Swap:

    • Swap eggs and white bread for garbanzo bean “eggs” and toasted spelt bread with coconut oil and avocado.
  • Support:

    • Weekly meal plans
    • Recipes and cooking tips
    • Shopping guides

Weeks 5-8: Herbal Tea and Water Fast

Goal: Enhance detoxification and healing.

  • Weekly Structure:

    • Day 1-3: Herbal tea and water fast
    • Day 4-7: Alkaline vegan meals
  • Herbs for Fasting (based on consultation):

    • Red raspberry leaf, nettle, burdock root, dandelion root, ginger, and turmeric.
  • Support:

    • Guidance on safe fasting
    • Herbal tea recipes
    • Daily check-ins during fasting days

Weeks 9-12: Intermittent Fasting

Goal: Optimize digestion and healing through controlled eating windows.

  • Eating Window:

    • 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Daily Schedule:

    • 10:00 AM: First meal (large, nutrient-dense)
    • 1:00 PM: Snack (fruits, nuts, seeds)
    • 3:00 PM: Second meal (balanced, filling)
    • 5:30 PM: Light snack (herbal tea, small salad)
  • Support:

    • Fasting tips and strategies
    • Alkaline meal suggestions
    • Recipes and meal plans

Weekly Schedule

Consultation Calls:

  • Frequency: 3-4 times per week
  • Format:
    • 1 optional group call (motivational and educational)
    • 3 individual check-ins (progress review and personalized advice)

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      Here’s a more indepth outline of what our clients should expect from our 12-week coaching program for women battling fibroids. Here's a potential structure for the program depending on the stage and severity of the symtoms:

      Week 1-2: Introduction and Assessment

      - **Session 1: Welcome and Program Overview**

        - Introduction to the program and its goals

        - Understanding fibroids: causes, symptoms, and treatments

        - Initial assessment and personal goal setting

      - **Session 2: Medical Insights and Personal Health History**

        - Detailed discussion on fibroids and their impact on women's health

        - Reviewing individual health histories

        - Building a personalized health profile

       Week 3-4: Nutrition and Lifestyle Adjustments

      - **Session 3: Nutritional Guidance**

        - The role of diet in managing fibroids

        - Anti-inflammatory foods and recipes

        - Developing a personalized nutrition plan

      - **Session 4: Lifestyle Modifications**

        - The importance of physical activity

        - Stress management techniques

        - Creating a balanced lifestyle plan

       Week 5-6: Mind-Body Connection

      - **Session 5: Mental Health and Emotional Well-being**

        - Coping strategies for dealing with fibroids

        - Mindfulness and relaxation techniques

        - Emotional support and building resilience

      - **Session 6: Yoga and Gentle Exercise**

        - Introduction to yoga and its benefits

        - Gentle exercises tailored for fibroid management

        - Developing a regular exercise routine

      Week 7-8: Holistic Approaches

      - **Session 7: Complementary Therapies**

        - Exploring alternative treatments (acupuncture, herbal medicine)

        - Integrating complementary therapies into your routine

        - Safety and efficacy considerations

      - **Session 8: Personal Care and Self-Love**

        - Importance of self-care in fibroid management

        - Developing a self-care routine

        - Empowerment and body positivity

      Week 9-10: Building a Support System

      - **Session 9: Community and Support Networks**

        - The importance of a support system

        - Finding and building your support network

        - Connecting with others facing similar challenges

      - **Session 10: Family and Partner Involvement**

        - Educating family and partners about fibroids

        - Strategies for involving loved ones in your journey

        - Strengthening relationships and communication

      Week 11-12: Sustaining Progress and Long-Term Strategies

      - **Session 11: Tracking Progress and Adjustments**

        - Reviewing personal progress

        - Making necessary adjustments to your plan

        - Celebrating achievements

      - **Session 12: Long-Term Maintenance and Final Thoughts**

        - Strategies for long-term fibroid management including an additional 12 weeks of FREE coaching for our clients

        - Setting future health goals

        - Program wrap-up and final reflections

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